RobinCore Version 0.2 has been tested success !

         Now, All circuit modules of RobinCore Version 0.2 can work properly.the wifi can work in the AP or STA mode.  it can run the SDK from the Hisilicon or openWRT (Chaos Calmer 15.05).

wifi_ap         How to set the robincore to  AP mode or STA mode ? It’s very simple.  I wrote two simple script files:

        Download these files to robincore,and extract them:

        tar -xzvf   or   tar -xzvf

       chmod 777 or chmod 777

        ./ or ./

       We can set the parameters  by modify these two files(they are in the /etc/  directory):



robinCam        From now on,I don’t need the RobinMAC board to debug program,because the Wifi works very well !

Wifi can work on the RobinCore V0.2

        After a week of hard work, wifi can work on the RobinCore V0.2.Because there is a component parameter is wrong, resulting in USB transmission error.

usbcoredump              There was a very serous a fatal pulse on the 1.5V power when the MT7601UN started to work.

robincorev0.2_power            This inductance  is the culprit …


This inductance must be 4.7uH,and its Idc must be greater than 1000mA.

RobinCore Version 0.2 has been received

             Over the past three weeks,two factories have helped us make the PCBs of RobinCore V0.2 and finished  surface mounted devices.

            This time, we have fixed all hardware issues found in the RobinCore V0.1. such as the 1.5V power supply of the wifi chip could not work, footprint of  SPI nor flash was too small, and optimized USB signal wires impedance.


             Besides, RobinCam and RobinMAC were modified too.There were  horizontal stripes in the image captured by RobinCam V0.1, because the AVDD  of OV9712 is not clean,we had to add a 100uF capacitor.




u-boot for robincore

            U-Boot for robincore is stable now, you can download it from here:u-boot-robincore-20160110.

          When we need to download linux kernel image and rootfs image to the robincore, this stable u-boot  can help us . the u-boot support Ethernet and kermit to chansfer files , kermit is simple and convenient ,just need a USB cable ,but the speed is only 10KB/S, a bit slow. Ethernet is very fast but need the ‘robinETH’ board.

          Address space of robincore (16 MB SPI flash)space

There are two ways to  burn the u-boot image to the robincore.

USE Kermit to burn u-boot image(if there is a available uboot in the SPI flash):

1,RobinCore#  loadb 0x82000000

2,send the u-boot image file by kermit on your PC

3,RobinCore# sf probe 0

4,RobinCore# sf erase 0x0 0x100000

5,RobinCore# sf write 0x82000000 0x0 0x100000

6,RobinCore# setenv mdio_intf rmii

7,RobinCore# saveenv


USE a programmer to pragram the flash on the robincore(if the uboot in the SPI flash was damaged).



RobinCore:Hardwares have been tested today !

        Happy new year !

        We have tested the IP camera and DVR functions on the robincore. and found out several hardware issues,but we have fixed them. these help us to modify the second edition hardware.


        There are a 720p HD video image sensor OV9712 and  wide-angle lens on the board in front of the robincore,we call this board “RobinCam” ; The board at the back of the RobinCore is “RobinETH”, there are a fast Ethernet  10/100 Mbps  interface , a micro SD card and a Microphone on the RobinETH board.



            The following picture was a frame of  video  streams which were encoded by the robincore and decoded by the VLC media player . this is the calendar hanging in our studio. it was in the evening, the indoor light was not particularly bright,but the picture is still very clear,bucause Hi3518E is a very excellent chip which is good at image processing.


openWRT is running on the RobinCore

                 After a week of hard work, I have ported the openWRT to the RobinCore.


               The openWRT version is the 15.05 branch (Chaos Calmer) which is the the latest stable version. the programming languages supports C/C++ ,ruby,Node.js to PHP and Python.besides,there are a lot of available packages.  so robincore is very suitable for IoT.

               I will submit a stable edition patch files to the openWRT trunk  for the hi3518e soon !

Wifi can not work on robincore

        Unfortunately, the wifi chip MT7601UN can not work properly on the robincore , it can scan the ESSID of the routers,but  can not connect to a router !


        Fortunately,we have found a serious hardware issue,bucause of a mistake in the schematic,the 1.5V power of  MT7601UN can not work. Although we have fixed  this problem,but we must product the second edition robincore ,this will take about 2 weeks.


Specifications of robincore


Soc                                               HiSilicon Technologies  Hi3518E

CPU                                              ARM9 16KB I-cache,16KB D-cache

Frequency                                 440MHz(Max)

ROM                                             16MB NOR FLASH

RAM                                              64MB DDR2 SDRAM

Wifi                                               MT7601UN 150Mbps,802.11b/g/n

interface                                    one micro-USB(used for 5V power supply and USB to UART   port)

                                                       one 720p camera input port

                                                       one  Fast Ethernet 10/100 Mbps

                                                       one I2C,SDIO ,SPI,UART,JTAG,ADC  and microphone

                                                       two PWM

Software                                    linux kernel version 3.0.8

Size                                               32 x 27 mm (1.26  x 1.06 inch)



The Linux kernel has been running

              After a few days of  work ,the linux kernel has been running on the ting robincore.



             I use the kermit  to send the uImage and rootfs to the robincore by one USB cable ,although  transmission is a bit slow (It’s about 10KB/s), but it is convenient.  when the wifi works , it will be easy and efficiently to transfer files to the robincore.


            The kernel  is linux version 3.0.8 .all of the source core was from the HiSilicon Technologies, thanks for their technical support.